Developmental Needs-Meeting Strategy

DNMS (Developmental Needs-Meeting Strategy)


DNMS (Developmental Needs-Meeting Strategy) uniquely combines concepts from ego-state therapy, developmental theory and EMDR into a powerful system of assessment and intervention. The DNMS can be used to systematically identify and rectify developmental gaps and wounds from childhood that are still exerting ongoing negative influences on the client. It helps clients become aware of their own inner resources and healing capacities.


How does it work?​

The DNMS is an ego state therapy which guides the client’s own internal resources to met needs now that weren’t met well in childhood, one ego state at a time. The process helps each stuck ego state (child part of self) have the corrective emotional experiences needed to become totally unstuck. Remarkably, in the process, developmental stage traumas often desensitize automatically. The DNMS provides for attachments and attunement needs, builds self-esteem, desensitizes trauma, integrates dissociated parts of self, and can provide an effective tool for affect regulation.