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LENS Brainwaves

LENS Neurofeedback

What is LENS?


The LENS, or Low Energy Neurofeedback System, is a unique and

effective form of neurotechnology that targets the central nervous

system and utilizes real-time brain waves to help alleviate symptoms,

optimize functioning, and reclaim neurological and physiological



Clients across the lifespan, from young children (3 months old) to the elderly, 

and even animals have benefited from LENS therapy.


What makes the LENS different from other forms of neurofeedback?


Each person’s brain waves (EEG signals) are unique to them and are

constantly changing from moment to moment. Utilizing these EEG

signals, (like fingerprints, they are unique to you)

the patented LENS technology matches the feedback to

each person’s own physiological (neurological) profile in real time.


Other forms of neurofeedback may require 40-80 sessions to elicit

change and require much more time per session to obtain results.

The LEN is more efficient, requiring fewer sessions.


What Does a Session Look Like?


During a session, sensors are placed on the head or body and

used to monitor the real-time brainwave activity being emitted at the skin

surface. Your brain waves are unique to you (no two people are the

same) and they change from one moment to the next. The LENS identifies

your unique EEG signature, and uses this information to provide custom



This feedback is an electrical signal reflecting your own brainwave patterns back to you. This can help the brain reset its own electrical signal, which can improve how you feel and how you function. 

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