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Why I recommend Touchstone Essential's Detox Superpack

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Your good health is your responsibility.

In March of 2019 I was introduced to a new product that has had life-changing effects for me, my family members, and some of my clients. I am feeling and functioning better since I did the one month detox program with Touchstone Essentials Detox Super Pack.

I have always prioritized optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I started studying nutrition at age 12. By age 13 I was saving my paper route money and making trips to the health food store. I bought nutritional yeast, hated the taste of it, mixed it with orange juice, held my nose, and drank it down. I needed those B vitamins!

The books “Diet for a Small Planet” and “The Sugar Blues” had a profound effect on me. At age 15, I gave up all forms of sugar, including hidden sugars, in things like ketchup. That exercise required that I read the nutrition labels on food, which is a habit I continue to this day. I did that exercise for six months, and I’ve done it again in various times of my life, and each time I develop more awareness.

The limits of conventional medicine became apparent early on. I asked my family dentist a question after a routine cleaning. “What was the difference in tooth decay between natural sugars (like fructose that is found naturally in fruit), and sugar in candy (like cane sugar or corn syrup)? He looked at me dumbfounded, paused, and stumbled out the words “I don’t know.” He was not pleased with my question. I would have to find my own answers.

So, early on I’ve taken a proactive approach to health and well being. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.* It’s not your doctor’s responsibility to keep you healthy. Ideally your doctor is your partner in helping you maintain optimal health.

The clients who make the most progress with me are the ones who understand that I facilitate their journey of healing and their path to self realization. I provide the support and tools; they are responsible for their own healing process.

I started to take vitamin supplements in my 20’s, and have taken them ever since. When I experienced minor health issues in my 30’s I looked for help in supplements. Doctors invariably offered prescriptions, for sleep issues, or anxiety. That didn’t set well with me. My general practitioner offered me a prescription for Xanax, when I reported difficulty sleeping. He offered it without any mention of potential side effects or addiction. I had a neighbor at the time that kept trying, unsuccessfully, to wean herself from a Xanax addiction. Why in the world would I want to get entangled in that? I declined his offer.

Conventional medicine is very good at some things, like emergency medicine. If I ever fell and broke a bone I would show up at the nearest emergency room and would gratefully receive care. However, conventional medicine has a poor track record when managing chronic illness. Its focus is on symptom management, or symptom suppression, rather than seeking the underlying causes of the problem.

Conventional medicine is misguided about some important health issues. For example, it has emphasized using opioid-based medications to manage pain. This has had tragic consequences, as evidenced by the recent opioid epidemic.

At one point I was taking up to 8 supplements daily. I was spending a lot of time, energy and money on researching and buying these supplements, in an attempt to feel better. I was unwittingly doing a different version of what I had criticized conventional medicine of doing, seeking “a pill for every ill”. Only in my case I wasn’t seeking a prescription medication for my ills, I was seeking supplements.

A remarkable way to improve your health is with Detox Super Pack offered by the company Touchstone Products. Would you like to safely detox from the past three consecutive years of toxic smoke from wildfires in California, or the hundreds of heavy metals and environmental pollutants in our air, water and food?

Other heavy metal detox programs and chelation therapies can be very harsh on your body. Touchstone Essential’s Detox Super Pack is a safe, effective and gentle way to detox the digestive system and the blood. It is third party tested and has been granted FDA GRAS status (generally recognized as safe). This protocol has helped people with digestive, autoimmune, weight, viral and neurological challenges.**

Detoxing your system helps your body be in better balance. The zeolite mineral removes heavy metals and toxins from your system, so that your body can function at an optimal level. It works by supporting the immune system, trapping free radicals and helping to balance the body’s pH level. ***

What toxins can zeolite eliminate? It helps to remove heavy metals and positively-charged toxins and volatile organic compounds including: aluminum, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, radioactive metals, nitrosamines, bisphenol-A, toluene, benzene, pesticides, and herbicides.**

What makes this product different from others you may have tried, or other juice or diet cleanses you may have tried is their proprietary method of treating the mineral zeolite for maximum cleansing effect on your blood and digestive system.**

Touchstone’s Essentials Detox products uses only Clinoptilolite zeolite. It has been widely studied for efficacy and safety, with over 300 papers posted on the National Institute of Health website: (

This is a small sample of some of the vitamin/mineral supplements I’ve tried.

Does this look familiar?

Since I completed the one month detox my energy and mood are significantly better. I'm no longer grasping for different supplements for solutions.

Touchstone Essentials Detox Super Pack retails for $166.85 plus tax, but if you email me at:, you can pay less. Most only need one month’s supply to get the benefits of the program. ****

Disclosure: If you order the Detox Super Pack from I earn between $15-25, depending upon how you order.

Before beginning this or any other protocol please check with your health care provider.

* Benjamin Franklin

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration

Touchstone Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

***Email me at and request the White Paper entitled “Clinoptilolite Zeolite in a Colloidal Suspension & the Science and Research of Pure Body Extra Strength”

****Contraindications: The zeolite spray and drops are contraindicated for anyone taking a medication containing heavy metals (such as lithium) or platinum (which is found in some cancer medications). The zeolite might remove from the body supplemental lithium and the chemotherapy agents cisplatin and carboplatin, both of which contain platinum. If you wish to use the zeolite products while taking lithium consult with your physician. If you are an insulin dependent diabetic be aware that zeolite can lower your need for insulin.

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