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What's Good To Know About Telehealth

Some benefits:

Telehealth is a way to provide healthcare using telecommunications technologies.  If you are used to having in-person sessions it can take a little time to familiarize yourself with the technology, and to get used to online sessions.  


I encourage you to discuss logistics with me in advance of a session.  We can discuss what sessions will look like, how to connect, and how payment will work. 


Online therapy can be just as helpful as in person sessions.  If you have any discomfort with how it works I encourage you to let me know and we can discuss how it is impacting your experience.  

Potential issues:
  • There may be interruptions at the start of a session, or during a session, due to technology glitches.  Because of potential issues with technology it’s important to have a back-up plan, like agreeing to switch to the phone 

  • Things occurring in their environment can distract clients  

  • There may be a risk of privacy violations (that is a risk when you use any technology)

  • This is not appropriate for all populations, including high risk clients, clients who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, or are psychologically very unstable

Some practical things to consider to prepare for your online session:
  • Find a private space with a closed door

  • Create a physical environment that feels comfortable

  • Close open windows on your computer and put your phone away and on silent to minimize distractions

  • Discuss with me what will happen if we get disconnected

  • Be as close to your router as possible

  • Anticipate some hiccups, most occasional tech issues can be handled with some patience and humor

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